Challenge Accepted…Team Jason vs. Team Emily

As I’ve traveled slowly down the path of this challenge, it has become clear that there are three distinctive “teams” that have developed.

First, there is “Team I Don’t Care” which is also known as “Team You Guys Are Idiots”. This “team” is made up of those who just don’t give a rip about the challenge Emily issued to me and those who simply think I am foolish for accepting such a challenge. I often refer to this team as “Team We Take Ourselves Too Seriously and Do Not Know How to Have Fun!”

Then, there is “Team Jason”. This is the team of people who are cheering me on…giving me tips on how to grow my hair. I understand that the main motivation is simply to see me with ridiculous hair. To be honest, I am okay with that!

Finally, there is “Team Emily”. This is the group of people who want to see Emily reign victorious. Now, it appears that the main motivation behind “Team Emily” supporters is the opportunity to see me do the Rerun dance in a public setting. Their motivation is my embarrassment…my public humiliation. But, what they fail to take into consideration is the fact that I simply don’t care about any kind of potential embarrassment. And, I will not fail in this challenge! So, don’t get your Rerun dance hopes up!

Hair Update: While the growth is not obvious, it is growing. The greatest proof of growth comes in the form  of the developing “baby mullet”. I have some small curls developing in the back. And, my hairline is a little better disguised. But, I have a very long way to go.

All I can say is that I already have my meal picked out at the Burger Bar when Emily finally throws in the towel. I’ll be going for the $60 Rossini burger…with kobe beef, foie gras (I dont give a rip about the controvery…I like my duck liver fattened!), and shaved truffles!!!

4 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted…Team Jason vs. Team Emily

  1. I think you need to do the dance win or lose; and video it!!!! I am one of those who doesn’t take things too seriously, so I think you doing the dance on the big screens would be a great opening to Sunday service!

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