Recently, I posted a blog about the disrespectful behavior of individuals at a pre-school party and the Muncie Community Christmas sing.

Last night, I helped Emily with her Christmas program. In all honesty, the audience was one of the best behaved she’s ever had at this school. In the past, there have actually been fights break out between parents. And, there have been parents that show up obviously intoxicated to pick up their children. One year, a mother sent her drunk boyfriend to pick up her children after the show because she was too drunk to come and get them.

However, there was one moment that just really made me laugh. It was pretty ridiculous. A mother sitting in the second row was having a great time at the program. Throughout the performance, she was singing along and swaying back-an-forth and side-to-side in her seat. And then, it happened…Her cell phone rang.

So, what did she do? Well, she answered it, of course! Not only did she answer it, she went on to have a conversation throughout two songs. After she hung up, she was back to singing along and having a great time.

I wasn’t shocked to see someone answer a call during the program. I was shocked to see the parent go on and have a conversation, while remaining seated. If it’s an important phone call, you simply excuse yourself from the room and have your conversation in the hallway.

In reality, I shouldn’t say I was shocked. I truly wasn’t all that surprised. I guess we just have a lot of people in our community who simply don’t understand what’s appropriate in public settings. One used to be able to encourage people to behave as they would at church. However, more and more people don’t attend church…so that doesn’t really work. I know the teachers do as much as they can to educate the students. But, the lessons don’t make it all the way to the parents. In the past, when Emily or the principal have made comments about appropriate behavior, things have actually been worse.

At least the parents were there. Some students are simply dropped off and picked up when the program is over. So, I guess even if they are rude and disrespectful, they are still there taking some kind of interest and showing some kind of support for their children. It would just be nice if they would turn off their phones for 45-minutes (unless they are an on-call doctor, fireman, policeman, etc).

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