Closer to a Resolution

After a long meeting, we are closer to resolving the issue that has placed a heavy burden on our lives.

With the help of local governmental officials, we have uncovered a vast amount of corporate incompetence that has led to a decent amount of injustice.

The sad part is, while we are one step closer to having this put behind us, the local officials indicated that there are many others who have barely even started the fight.

There are laws that probably need to be addressed in order to make sure that citizens are being protected. Though we have found a great deal of help, I still firmly believe that there are major flaws in the system. There are often too many hoops to jump through in order to bring about justice.

Now, we need to address the corporate incompetence that led to this whole issue. While it all began with an error on a form submitted by the local government, they took all the necessary steps to remedy the situation. That’s where things fell back on the big business we are dealing with. It all boils down to someone in a very large company not bother to enter 6 to 12 numbers into a computer system.

Today, we finally got to the bottom of the situation. The large corporation continually tried to push the blame back on the local government. As we worked through all of the issues and questions, it was clear that this corporation failed to hold up to their end of the deal…entering correct numbers into their computers.

Now, we simply have to patiently wait while all of the appropriate paperwork is submitted, approved, and processed. At that point, most of this will be behind us…Unless we decide to get in touch with the Attorney General (along with other citizens facing similar issues with this big business).

I know I have not shared many details. If you’re truly interested in the full story, shoot me an e-mail (you can leave a comment with your e-mail…I won’t publish it, but will send you the story).

Standing in the Gap

No, I’m not going to be writing about my latest trip to a fashionable clothing store. Rather, I’ll be writing about my dealings with some of our local politicians.

Later this afternoon, Emily and I will be meeting with some state and local government officials. The reason for our meeting is to bring about justice for all citizens of Delaware County and the state of Indiana who have been financially oppressed by the local government.

It appears that the Delaware County government is not a government of the people, by the people, or for the people. It appears that the Delaware County government is simply for the Delaware County government.

Rather than owning up to their own mistakes, elected and appointed government officials are simply trying to pass the blame to others. The have blamed everyone from major corporations to Governor Mitch Daniels. I’m sure “My Man Mitch” (he’s not really my man, but that is his campaign slogan) would love to know that local officials are blaming him for their own errors.

In the midst of our battle, we realized that the local officials were not going to be helpful in resolving this issue. We also realized that we may not be the only ones impacted by the issues we are facing. I do not desire for another resident of our county to face the injustices we have been met with over the last several months. So, we elected to contact some of our local officials.

We have been in contact with  Senator Richard Lugar and State Representative Dennis Tyler. Both have made contacts with our local officials to make sure that they are resolving the issue in a timely and effective manner. Being contacted by state and US officials definitely caught the attention of the local officials. Today, Representative Tyler will be with us as we meet with our local officials. I contacted another state level representative from our area. She was of no help (in fact, she did not respond to any of my correspondence).

As citizens, we felt that our representative needed to know what the people the represent are facing. I have voted for both of these men (Grandpa Burris would be proud to know that I have, indeed, voted for a Republican). I will continue to vote for both of these men. They have stepped up to look into matters effecting a normal citizen. I am not a fan of career politicians. However, I believe the both have displayed that they are interested in the matters their constituents are facing…and not simply consumed with status and party issues. These elected officials have chosen to stand in the gap and work on the behalf of the people!

Hopefully we will walk away from this meeting with the issue resolve. Hopefully no other citizens of Delaware County or the state of Indiana will have to face these same issues.