This is a small taste of my soap-box rant from this mornings message:

We’re so desperate to find healing, wholeness, and positive affirmations that we’ll look anywhere for it…church, the Bible (these are good places to search)…but when we feel like those are coming up empty, we consult other religions (maybe they have the answer), we ring up our local psychic, we look to  Oprah’s book club, books, like the Secret (a NY Times Best seller), these books tell us that if we just think good things, good things will happen. The truth is, if  we want to find healing…we need to look to the Source of healing…and not fill our minds with Oprah’s trash. But, it’s not just Oprah’s book club that perverts what wholeness is all about…just visit the Christian bookstore and look at the bestsellers. You’ll find books about experiencing “Your Best Life Now” These books tell us what we want to hear. They tell us to run after the things we want because God wants you to have them. It tells you to think good, happy thoughts and good, happy things will happen. Because, after all, God wants you to have your best life now.  I don’t want to shatter this for you…but, have you read the Bible? Your best life now? Is that what this is all about? Because when I read the Scriptures…it talks about not storing up treasures in this world, but in heaven…it talks about how our best life isn’t in the now…our best life is in the world to come. Does God want us to enjoy life? Sure! But, he also told us to expect trials, temptations, persecution, suffering, pain… We’re in need of healing and wholeness and the only One capable of giving us what we need is our Heavenly Father.

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