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So, I continually get these notes via facebook about favorite songs, top albums, and music that changed ones life. I have yet to compile a list of any of these. The ones that I really like are those that tell you to put your iPod/mp3 player on shuffle and list the next 25 songs that play. I prefer this because it takes much less thought. It reveals what a person really listens to, rather than what they would put on a list of their top albums or songs of all-time (because, let’s face it…we’ll all try to impress one another by seeing who can list the most obscure tracks and albums). Anyway, I decided to set my iTunes on shuffle and started writing down the next 25 songs that played. I’m not claiming that any of these are my favorite songs of all time. But, they are on my iTunes playlist…so I must have at least liked them enough to download/sync them onto iTunes. Here’s the list:

  1. Orbits – Medeski, Martin, and Wood
  2. Get to the Table On Time – M. Ward
  3. Mansioned – Chin Up Chin Up
  4. Kamera – Wilco
  5. High and Dry – Radiohead
  6. As the Sea Holds Creatures Vast and True – Tommy Guerrero
  7. Better Together – Jack Johnson
  8. Sierra Leon – The Derek Trucks Band
  9. My Flying Saucer – Billy Bragg & Wilco
  10. Home – The Redwalls
  11. I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie
  12. Someday the Waves – Iron & Wine
  13. Gagging Order – Radiohead
  14. Bandits – Billy Cobham
  15. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1 – The Flaming Lips
  16. Minor Threat – Minor Threat
  17. Pass the Mic – Beastie Boys
  18. Bend to the Road – Calexico
  19. Tea & Cake – The Sea & Cake
  20. Seglopur – Sigur Ros
  21. Maybe I’m Right – Pete Yorn
  22. Break The Same – Mute Math
  23. Screw the Law – Black Flag
  24. Wholly Yours – The David Crowder Band
  25. The Scientist – Coldplay

2 thoughts on “Shuffle Playlist

  1. Timm, the answer is kind of a yes and no. While many of these may definitely hit more of the “younger” generations, you’d probably recognize some of it. This was a pretty random shuffle selection. I was surprised that none of my miles, dizzy, coltrane, sinatra, or the like hit the shuffle. So, if I were to give it another spin, you might recognize all the songs on my playlist.

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