An Odd Mix

So, I have about 35 minutes to kill before I head into a class. As I drove into town, I passed by this rather hip looking coffee house called the Mean Bean. I decided to stop in, grab a cup of coffee, and do a little bit of work.

From the moment I walked in, I liked the place. It’s very trendy…has a nice urban feel.

And then I noticed the music selection…

The environment screams that this would be a place filled with indie rock snobs…or at the very least folk music loving hippies.

Instead, the barista is slinging out today’s hottest country hits. Not only is he playing these horrible songs that represent the absolute downfall of country & western music, he is passionately singing along.

I never expected to hear “What Hurts the Most” in one of the coolest looking coffee houses I’ve been to in a long time.

It reminds me that, while we can present any kind of outward image that we desire, the inner self will always be revealed.

Okay, while typing this, the barista changed cd’s and is now listening to Stevie Nicks. And I didn’t think it could get any worse…