Happy Birthday Sammie!

Today we will celebrate Samantha’s 3rd birthday! We’re excited…she’s excited…our family is excited. 

She specifically told me that she wanted a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake. So, Concannon’s has come through and we will be enjoying a very tasty cake! I’m looking forward to the day when she tells me she wants Concannon’s famous chocolate & creme layer cake!

So, we will be gathering with our family to celebrate the life of our very special little girl!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Sammie!

  1. Your mother shared some about Sammie’s birthday…don’t remember if she mentioned the strawberry shortcake, but I’ll bet she tried it…glad Emily made it through the kidney stone episode…been there, done that about 35 years ago…never has come back…

    Give Emily and Sammy an extra hug from Uncle John

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