Work Clean

I’ve wanted to write this for some time. However, with the holidays and the move, blogging has been pretty low on the priority list.

While reading Kitchen Confidential¬†by Anthony Bourdain, I found two words of advice from a chef¬†quite profound. The two words…”Work clean!”

Bourdain expands on the concept of working clean:

Working clean, constantly wiping and cleaning, is a desirable state of affairs for the conscientious line cook. That chef was right: messy station equals messy mind…Being set up properly, trained and coordinated is not nearly enough. A good line cook has to be able to remain clear-headed, organized and reasonably even-keeled during hectic and stressful service periods…The ability to “work well with others” is a must…Practicing your craft in expert fashion is noble, honorable, and satisfying.

While Bourdain is writing about line cooks, I believe the concept of working clean can apply to a vast array of fields.

Do you have a messy station, therefore a messy mind?

Are you able to remain clear-headed, organized, and reasonably even-keeled during hectic and stressful moments?

Are you able to work well with others?

Are you practicing your craft in expert fashion?

My goal is to work clean. I desire to get rid of the mess. I desire to remain even-keeled during the stressful moments I am sure to encounter. I desire to work well with others. And, I strive to practice my craft to the best of my abilities.

Will you join me on this journey of striving to “work clean”?