Holistic Health

I recently finished Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food. I started reading this book just days after watching Food, Inc. Simply reading the book or watching the film will really get you thinking about what you eat, how you eat, and even when you eat. This isn’t simply about health…it is a moral issue, an ethical issue. If they don’t change the way you eat, each will at least make you more mindful of the process of food.

While at Annual Conference,  I’ve been thinking about holistic health. As Bishop Schnase has been talking about the Five Practices of Fruitful Living, I keep thinking about the component that is missing…physical health. The five practices will lead us towards spiritual health and a vital faith life, but it sort of avoids the conversation about physical health.

He did talk about needing to let some things go in order to connect with God. Of course, in a room of Christian leaders, we tend to think about the big ones…”don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t chew…don’t go with girls who do.” But, some of those vice’s we’re clinging to are unhealthy eating habits and ignoring exercise. We get so busy “doing ministry” that we simply don’t have the time to take care of ourselves…and that, I believe, is dangerous.

Of course, this is somewhat difficult to talk about because I’m not exactly the picture of a holistically healthy person. But, I’m trying.

So, maybe the way we can practice radical hospitality and encourage risk-taking mission and service is to develop ministries that help people take care of themselves…spiritually, emotionally, and physically???