Maybe I’m Not Crazy

So, shortly after posting my blog “Burning the Quran while Protesting a Mosque and Loving My Neighbors”, I received an e-mail with a statement from Bishop Coyner. Here it is:

Religious freedom is our heritage
Both our United Methodist Church and our United States constitution guarantee and advocate for religious freedom. In recent weeks the news of growing religious intolerance in our country has been disheartening. We United Methodists, especially here in the United States, have always strongly affirmed religious freedom for all people – even for people who hold different religious beliefs than our own. In that spirit, I call upon United Methodists here in Indiana to be advocates for religious freedom for all persons, whether they are Muslims, Jews, Christians or persons of other faiths. We who follow Jesus the Christ must also follow his own example of tolerance, peace, and compassion. – Bishop Michael Coyner,
Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church