Stuck in Muncie…

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday, Emily and I were traveling to Muncie to drop the girls off at my parents house as we were headed to Delaware, Ohio for my class at MTSO.

When we were just outside of Alexandria, IN, I received a voicemail from the church office informing me that someone from MTSO had called to let me know that this weekend’s classes had been canceled due to the pending snow storm.

The question was, “what do we do now?” We were about 15 minutes from my parents house…

One option would have been to turn around and return to Lafayette.

The other option was to finish our trip to Muncie and visit family and friends.

As most people know, if the grandparents are planning to see their grandchildren, you can’t call and say, “we’re not coming.” From my experience, that is almost as severe as pulling the plug on ones parents.

So, we made our way to Muncie. We stopped off at my mom’s school. Grandma enjoyed parading her grandkids around the building and in the teacher’s lounge. It was in the teacher’s lounge where I decided I no longer wish to visit my mothers school. Some of my former teachers tried to imply that I was not exactly a “model student”. They implied that I was talkative and always in trouble. Of course, they are getting older and their memories probably just aren’t what they used to be.

Then it was on to my parents house where we found my father up on a ladder fixing gutters before the pending snow storm. It didn’t take him long to get the ladder put away and get inside with the girls.

So, we decided to stay the night and visit.

Emily called some friends and planned an evening out. Greg and Carol invited us to join them for dinner and asked if we would like to go to the Indian restaurant. Emily asked if that would be okay and my response was, “Muncie has an Indian restaurant?”

By the way, the Sitara is awesome! The food was amazing! The service was great…there is a long story that would explain how hard they will try to please their customers with strict dietary guidelines.

At dinner, Greg and Carol also informed us of a new Thai restaurant in downtown Muncie.

I guess when Adam Weber started the whole “Muncie…We’re Trying” campaign he was right. Muncie really is trying!

Of course, overnight the snowstorm made its way across the state and now we are “stuck” in Muncie. Of course, by mid-afternoon I expect the roads will be greatly improved and we’ll be able to consider heading back to Lafayette.

However, a Friday lunch trip to the Heorot will be required…if I can get there!

In reality, we’re not stuck in Muncie. We have numerous friends we can visit. We have some relaxed time to spend with my parents. And, we have the possibility of a trip to the Heorot!