Challenge Accepted…What’s To Come

The journey of the “hair challenge” continues!

I’m getting to the point where the help of a professional will come in handy. It won’t be long until things are all fro’d out. So, I need a little shaping and texturizing in order to get the hair to go more in the direction of Hubert Keller and less in the direction of Freddie “Boom Boom” Percy Washington of Welcome Back Kotter fame!

I have had a few people ask if I have any clue what my hair will look like as it grows out. The answer is, unfortunately, “yes”.

Below, you will find a couple of pictures that give an example of what my hair has looked like in the past when I’ve let it grow out. I do expect to receive several comments about the hair, the glasses, and especially the facial hair. The pictures were taken in the mid-90’s, in the house of Brett Conaway, Chip Baker, and Matt Hemeyer on College Avenue in Muncie during my freshman year at Ball State University. I’m pretty sure if you could zoom out a bit, there would be some Rhinelander nearby. And, we were probably watching skate videos with the volume turned down while listening to obscure indie rock…or speed metal. That gives you a decent frame of reference for my state of mind at the time…explaining the “look” I was going for. But, you must admit that is a sweet They Might Be Giants shirt…and an awesome cardigan!

If I’m willing to publicly share these photos…then I’m definitely willing to let my hair grow out like Hubert Keller. Hear this, Emily Morris, I will not…I repeat…I will NOT lose this challenge!

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