Challenge Accepted…Slow Progress.

The great hair challenge continues!!!

the mo fro

The progress is quite slow. But, hey, it is growing!!!

Lately, Emily has attempted to make comments that would encourage me to throw in the towel. In fact, it’s not just Emily. Some of the “Team Emily” supporters have been rallying the troops. It went so far as receiving comments about getting my hair cut while on work sites in Guatemala. That’s pretty low.  By now, “Team Emily” should realize that I can pretty much take any harassment that comes my way. I will be victorious!!!

I have noticed that my hair somewhat resembles that of barbeque master chef Steven Raichlen. So, maybe I am just working my way through a list of chefs seen on PBS on this journey towards a head of hair like the great chef Hubert Keller!

Some people continually point out how immature all of this is…of course it’s immature! Do you really believe that I do not understand that this is ridiculous? But, let’s be honest, it’s a harmless way to have some fun. So, my advice to the “holier-than-thou” club…stop taking yourselves so seriously…relax…enjoy life…cut loose and have some fun! It’s only hair.

Steven Raichlen


Hubert Keller

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