Challenge Accepted: Adding to the Challenge???

So, the great hair challenge continues…

It’s truly ridiculous and yet fun at the same time. I guess it’s a fairly cheap form of entertainment. But, today as I looked in the mirror I thought, “Dang, you look like a dirty hippie.”

The next thought was, “Oh, you just need to shave. That will clean it up a bit!”

Then, I found myself thinking, “Well, do I need to shave?”

As I pondered the whole idea of shaving, I found myself wondering if I should grow out a killer beard while my hair continues to grow. Then, I found some motivation. Call it a sign from the Divine.

While doing a bit of research, I stumbled upon the music of John Michael Talbot. I saw his picture and I realized there is no need to shave!

In my attempt to look like the great chef Hubert Keller, I could also go for the John Michael Talbot look!

I’m pretty sure this would push Emily over the edge and I would easily claim the victory!!!

I mean, she’s pretty much on the ropes as we speak. You should see the looks she gives me when I get home and pick out the Mo-Fro!

It’s either I go for the John Michael Talbot look…or I start wearing the Mo-Fro in public. Either of these will definitely secure the victory for Team Jason!

2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted: Adding to the Challenge???

  1. Pastor Jason, I think that these kind of humorous breaks from the seriousness of reality is better medicine then your doctor can prescribe. Laughter and silliness is essential to actual living. I have been thinking a lot about time lately. We get so little of it to actually live the way I feel Jesus wants us too. We have things we are responsible to do each day in this life and it is a heck of a lot easier to do our tasks if we have breaks filled with insanity. If everything in life was perfect then this planet would be called heaven. If God gave us everything we ask for, we would look past him, like the stars in the sky. We just expect them to be there, so a lot of us forget to look up and marvel at the wonders of the universe.

    A couple of weeks ago in worship, I was thinking about the mission to re-think church so in the future there is one. I was laughing as I thought how to motivate the masses and having people take an active role in re-thinking of the church. My mind wandered a bit and then I thought that we should have spirit days like in high school when our team would play (PEP RALLIES) This Sunday wear you green and orange, come in jammies, and the like.

    I know that some would be resistant to the change and it was just a thought. Your post made me remember this idea and smile.


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