I’ll Go Crazy

Sometimes I find myself having irrational thoughts. I’m sure none of you ever struggle with that…

However, when you hear the kind of irrational thoughts I have, you might find yourself comforted in realizing that you simply are not as crazy as this guy.

My irrational thoughts normally focus on elevators and public restrooms…these are two things I am pretty sure the Creator is against. They are just wrong…and don’t waste your time trying to convince me otherwise…because I know I am right. But, today, my irrational thoughts are focused on my future.

I found myself thinking about how “I’ll Go Crazy” if the Bishop and Cabinet ever sent me to a church where it was expected/required that I wear a suit on a regular basis (meaning, definitely on Sunday mornings…and encouraged during the week).

Now, this is irrational, because I have great confidence in our Bishop and the Cabinet. I am convinced that they know me well enough to understand that “I’ll Go Crazy” if I were ever appointed to a congregation that is simply looking for a cookie-cutter, suit & tie guy. It would be a bad fit for me and, more importantly, for the congregation.

This is also irrational because I am a pretty straight-forward and honest guy. I’m one of those, “what you see is what you get” kind of guys. I have always been clear with various churches that “if you want someone that will…a) follow ALL the rules, b) go with and never challenge the status quo, c) wear a suit, d) stay out of trouble…well, I’m probably not your guy.” So, it would never get to that point…at least I don’t think it would (Dear Cabinet, please do not see this as me issuing you a challenge! Thanks!).

There are numerous other reasons why this irrational. Yet, today, I’ve been kicking around ideas about how I would respond if this were to happen.

So, I decided that, if the bizarre were to happen, and I ended up serving a congregation where it was implied that it was essential for the pastor to “suit up”, I would take my lead from Chris Isaak.


The dude knows how to dress!

I’m pretty sure that if I started showing up to a church wearing suits like Chris Isaak’s, I’d be asked to stop wearing suits.

Of course, I wouldn’t stop at the suits…I’d grow out my hair and style it like Mr. Isaak. I’d also write my name on my guitar. I’d also do my best to sing and talk like him. I would essentially become a Chris Isaak impersonator!

The whole thing would be an attempt to remind people that “the suit does not make the man”.

At one church I previously served, I was asked, “Why don’t you wear a suit or at least a tie when you preach?” My answer was simple. “Well, first off, that’s just not who I am…and I’m not going to pretend to be someone that I am not just to make someone else happy. And, most importantly, I really don’t think Jesus cares about whether or not I wear a suit and tie. I’m pretty sure he’s more concerned with my heart, my thoughts, my words, and my deeds. But, of course, I could be wrong.” And, the person respected my answer.

In reality, I’d probably just “robe up” and wear my untucked shirts, jeans, and Doc’s underneath.

So, thank you Chris Isaak for helping me find a way to deal with my irrational thoughts today!