Hope in the Midst of Chaos


Today was one of those days when I experienced the wide-range of highs and lows one can experience in ministry.

The day began with reading through the Genesis accounts of creation and re-creation…A story painting the picture of a Creator bringing order out of chaos. A story demonstrating the desire of humans to take matters into our own hands…A story of hope that a God of love and grace will care for us when we make a mess out of things.

The day continued with an exciting lunch meeting focused on a new ministry that will help address the hunger needs in our community…in a healthy manner.

Following this meeting, I immediately learned about a young, single mother who is living out of her van. She came to the church looking for help and hope. And, we did our best.

After doing some reading and writing for a “Hebrew Bible” course I am taking, I picked Sammie up from school and took her shoe shopping. Some special dad/daughter time.

This evening, I was in a room of great people committed to helping make Christ UMC a place where people encounter the love, grace, and mercy of God.

And, here I sit, enjoying a Founders Centennial IPA.

The events of this day reminded me that we are still in the midst of chaos. There are some great things happening all around us. Yet, at the same time, there are too many people who will have their basic needs (food, water, shelter) unmet.

And, that is why I cling to the hope found in Jesus Christ…hope that says we are capable of addressing the basic needs of all people. Hope that remindes me it’s not God’s desire that some go hungry while others starve…it’s not God’s desire that some live in mansions, while others live in boxes…it’s not God’s desire that I enjoy an incredible craft beer, while others don’t have access to clean water. I cling to the hope that there is something greater…something better than the world as we currently see it. My hope is that you and I can play a vital role in bringing a bit of heaven to earth.

And so, in the midst of the chaos life can bring, I choose hope.



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