The Third Place

We all need places to connect…places where we feel comfortable, safe, welcome, and wanted.

Lately, the experts have identified the “third place” where we find social connections. Churches, country clubs, gyms, bars, hobby groups would be examples of “third places”. It’s a place outside of home and work where we develop build friendships.

For those who work in the church, finding that third place can be challenging. Yet, it is vitally important for holistic health.

Currently, I am sitting in my all time favorite third place…the Heorot. I was a frequent visitor throughout college. I came every Friday at lunch when we moved back to Muncie. In general, those gathered here are “like” me. It’s extremely rare to enter this place and not run into someone I know. For example, I just had a nice visit with a former professor. A childhood friend just walked through the doors.

I miss this place. And, as I sit here, I am reminded of my need for a third place.

Where is your third place?


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