Proud to be a United Methodist

As the UMC has spent the last several days closely watching the Pennsylvania clergy trial and the Council of Bishops gathering, I find myself remaining proud to be a part of the United Methodist Church.

While I may be disappointed in the outcome of the trial, I understand that there really wasn’t an alternative outcome.

While I think 2016 is too far off to revisit the discussion in regards to the Book of Discipline, I am thankful for the discussions taking place in local churches, districts, conferences, and on social media. These discussions might lead towards faithful and fruitful resolutions in regards to issues surrounding human sexuality.

At the end of the day, I remain proud to be a follower of Christ in the United Methodist tradition. At least we’re having the conversation. At least we can admit that we don’t agree and that’s okay. At least we can join together, liberals, moderates, conservatives, and focus on the Christ that unites. At least we leave room for those on opposite sides to gather together around the table.


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