Honest Confession

I believe in confession. I also believe in getting stories out before others can get them out for me. I like to take ownership of events on my own terms. So, today, I need to make an honest confession.

In the late 80’s, around the time Back to the Future was released, Michael J. Fox was sort of a hero of mine. I have an older sister who, on occasion would get an issue of Teen Beat magazine and Fox would often be featured (along with Kirk Cameron and Ralph Macchio). I thought Fox was cool.

michael j fox

I found myself desiring the jean jacket pictured above. If Michael J. Fox wore it, it had to be cool. Therefore, my parents did their best to deliver. We went to the Muncie Mall and found the jacket that most resembled the jacket Fox wore.

jean jacket

Yep, with this jacket, I would become “cool”.

Now, in the late 80’s, in order to take your jean jacket to the next level, one needed buttons/pins to accessorize the jacket. Most of the buttons would feature your favorite band or catchy phrases (like “gag me with a spoon”).

My jacket had 2 buttons. I thought they were awesome. This is the part where the honest confession comes in…The two buttons were…

tears for fearsTear for Fears

amy grantAmy Grant

Whew! I feel better getting that off my chest.

Now, don’t judge me. I’m sure you all made some questionable music choices “back in the day”. At that point in my life, I considered the Purple Rain soundtrack to be as edgy as my Quiet Riot tape.




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