Prayer for Monday, April 16, 2018

Creative God,

Far too often, I fail to give you appropriate thanks and praise. Therefore, let my words and actions this day be a shout of praise for your amazing love, grace and mercy.

May my work, my interactions with others, my coming and going, my moments of busyness, my moments of rest be holy and pleasing to you.

Merciful God, when I am overwhelmed by the circumstances of my daily life, give me confidence that I am not alone, for You, God are with me.

Help me to always hold onto hope, knowing that no matter what I face today, You, God are with me. You, God, will save me from myself and all those things that attempt me to distract me from You.

God, help me to always choose what is good, what is right, what is pleasing to You. Help me to live, speak, move and act in ways that will communicate that I am Your child.

Creative God, help me to love You by loving others. Provide opportunities for me to put that love into actions, and give me the bold courage to respond in practical and tangible ways.

Thank You, Creative God, for Your amazing love. Be with me this day and help me to be faithfully obedient. Amen.


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