Be Kind

The other day, I saw a t-shirt that contained a message that is desperately needed in our world today. No, it wasn’t another Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt that I feel needs to be added to my wardrobe! It was a simple shirt with a simple message…”Be Kind.”

When I read the paper, watch the news and venture out into the community, one of the characteristics I fear is lacking in our world today is kindness. I fear we need continual reminders to “be kind” because too many of us seem to gravitate towards unkind characteristics.

Rather than more videos of Walmart fights or “news” regarding the latest drama on “The Bachelor” or “Real Housewives of Wherever”, we need more stories of kindness.

But, rather than stories of random acts of kindness, we need to embrace an ethos of kindness. We need regular, sustained kindness. I get pretty cynical when I see people livestream their acts of kindness (while the acts are often kind, the motivation is a but suspect), but I would prefer that over learning that some “social media influencer” (what is that, anyway?) has challenged a UFC fighter to a dual.

So. Let’s be kind…and not just for a brief moment.


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