Things I Don’t Understand

1. John Calipari’s salary at Kentucky. This guy isn’t bringing in a bunch of national championship rings. He recruits well, which is crucial in NCAA sports. But, does it justify the salary. I believe that our nation (and world) needs to get the salaries of our sports figures (coaches, athletes, owners, etc) under control. When athletes are among the highest paid individuals in society, I believe it indicates a problem.

2. Bonuses given to leaders of failing companies. I thought bonuses were supposed to be based on job performance. If one does a great job, they get “rewarded.” If one does a poor job, they do not get “rewarded.” As I look at the bonuses given to top executives in various fields, I wonder how any of this is justified. I feel that one and two are both related to over-consumption…and I could go on for hours about that.

3. People slamming wealthy Christians. I read a blog recently that posed the question, “How can there be wealthy Christians?” It’s really a pretty easy question to answer. Scripture is full of references about faithfulness…to those who have been faithful with a little, more will be given, etc. I think the more important question is “Why do we need wealthy Christians?” If we all took vows of poverty, how would we support the needs of our church, community, and world? And, let’s face it, even though many in the US would not consider me to be a wealthy Christian, in a worldview…I am a wealthy Christian. We need Christians at all socio-economic levels who demonstrate faithfulness.

4. That Adam guy on American Idol. He keeps getting the praises of the judges. He keeps receiving America’s vote. And, I just don’t get it. They keep saying that he’s “hip”, he’s “relevant”, he’s very “now.” All I can think of is that he should be fronting a reunion tour of Whitesnake or some other 80’s hair metal band. Yes, he hits high notes…but he’s kind of a one trick pony. Every song you know he’s going to start screaming like Mariah Carey. I’m so over it.

5. No quotes on my Peace Cereal box. It used to be that whenever I opened up a box of Raspberry Ginger Crisp that there would be a quote from some noteable world leader who worked for peace. It would be something that would start my morning off in the right direction. Now, the quotes are gone. The cereal is still my all-time favorite. But, I wonder why Peace Cereals decided to stop printing the quotes.

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