Day Two

Well, day two has come to a close. I’m calling it a night a bit earlier this evening.

The morning session felt pretty good. Got to spend time running around camp, visiting folks, and hanging out with friends this afternoon.

This evening felt a bit awkward, but I think it ended well. The band talked about feeling a bit of disconnect from the kids. I felt that too. But, in the end, God moved and worked in the lives of the students.

I was asked to extend an altar call this evening. In doing this, I felt a need to be sensitive and not try and force or manipulate any kind of desired response. I didn’t want to give a “do step one, step two, step three, and then you’re saved, recommitted, or just fine.” I wanted to create a time where students could just get honest with God…whether they came forward, stayed in their seats, or went to a prayer station. That may have been confusing for some…but, in the end, I think it all worked out.

We followed the altar call with communion. Now, this was weird for me. Students and leaders were prayring…as I walked out to move us towards communion a couple of kids came forward with their leader…and I just felt odd trying to close out the moment in order to move forward. So, a little of improvisation allowed us a bit more time…we ended up serving communion as some were still praying…and ended with a time of worship through song. I’ll probably suggest that they shift the order of communion and the altar call.

I’m looking forward to day three!