Road Rage Makes You Look Crazy

This morning, while driving to work, I witnessed a very animated act of road rage.

While turning onto Walnut, I saw an old lady attempting to enter the Aldi parking lot.

As I made my way past her, I noticed the stereotypical soccer mom zooming down the road in her fancy SUV. This soccer mom was throwing both hands in the air and obviously screaming at the old lady. She was pointing with one hand to the lane in front of her and with the other hand she was making a gesture towards the old woman. With my lip reading skills, I was able to make out a “what the…” before I passed. I can only assume what came after the “the”.

What I noticed was how obnoxious the soccer mom looked. She honestly was giving the kind of aggravated display that normally is reserved for those who spend a majority of their day in straight-jackets.

I find myself wondering what was so absolutely important that applying the brakes for a few seconds so an old lady could pull into the discount grocery store parking lot was such a hindrance.

This event reminded me why we all need to attempt to keep fits of road rage under control. One seriously looks crazy when yelling and flailing his/her arms around while driving down the street.

So, if you learn one thing today, let it be the fact that road rage makes you look crazy!