Something Really Bothers Me

No, this isn’t going to be a rant about all the mis-information floating around about heath-care reform. In matters of importance, this goes way beyond the health-care debate.

This just might be the most serious issue I have ever addressed. It is especially important to all of my friends and family in the greater Muncie, IN area.

My concern is with the lack of respect that drivers of all ages show fellow citizens when attempting to make left turns on McGalliard. Seriously…Do you not understand that the middle lane running the full length of McGalliard between Wheeling and the mall is to be utilized for those desiring to turn left?

Please, get your entire vehicle into the turn lane so that you don’t block the traffic flow of those of us trying to get from Rally’s to the Cash Stop. Simply making an attempt to use the turn lane does not count as using the turn lane. Get your entire Cadillac Escalade into the turn lane…it can be done.

The worst of these non-turn-lane-using violators are those fascist elitist who are attempting to turn into Starbucks. Not only do they fail to use the turn lane, they also expect you to leave them room to turn in front of you (when you are heading in the opposite direction). To be honest, I normally give room for people to turn in or out of business when traffic is stopped. But, not for Starbucks patrons. Someone has to take a stand. These people can wait an extra 90 seconds to get their Venti (every time I hear that word I think of Role Models) caramel machiato (which is really a latte and not the true sense of a machiato). So, it’s a double fail for these folks…they are visiting Starbucks (seriously folks, go support your local coffee shops…like the Blue Bottle, mtCup, or Coffee Junkiez…though their overuse of the letter “z” annoys me) and they are attempting to turn left without appropriately pulling into the turn lane.

Given that I live only a few blocks away from the horrible beast that is known as Starbucks, I encounter this problem on a daily basis (sometimes it occurs multiple times on the same day). An interesting note, it appears that those visiting the Muncie Liquors right next door to the evil monster that is Starbucks understand how to properly utilize the turn lane.

The turn lane is there…I am begging you to use it!

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