Isn’t It Ironic…And Something about Kanye

Last night, in light of Serena Williams’ outburst at the Open, Emily shared this quote with me. It appeared in Reader’s Digest.

“Now’s your time to shine. Be confident. They want to see you angry. Be angry, but don’t let them see it. Play angry, but let them see confidence. Play angry, but let them see patience. Play angry, but let them see certainty. Play angry, but let them see determination.” ~ from On the Line by Serena Williams.

And, seriously, was anyone truly surprised by Kanye West’s outburst at the VMA’s last night? He has a certain pattern of behavior that would have all in attendance expecting some kind of immature display. He’s an incredible artist, but his ego is huge and sense of respect for others is limited. However, I would agree that I’m not sure Taylor Swift should ever win an MTV award. But, I’m not called on to judge that. Also, I heard on the radio this morning that Swift had been warned that something like this good happen. So, was this really West being ridiculously rude (okay, I don’t know if he was ridiculously rude, as he grabbed the mic he did say something along the lines of “congradulations…no disrespect”) or was it simply an attempt by MTV to create controversy and buzz (as with Eminem and Sacha Baron Cohen at the last awards show)? Kanye’s antics really go in line with some of what I spoke about at church Sunday. What he said was true…But, when, how, and why he said it was kind of wrong. He did more damage than good.