I am one that fully believes we all should be continual learners (that’s my terminology for life-long learner…because I think that term is a bit played out).

So, I like to end each day with this question:

“What did I learn today?”

For example, yesterday I learned that a rat can last longer without water than a camel! Fascinating stuff! Some may find this bit of information useless…I’m sure I could find a way to work it into a sermon…therefore making it useful.

Now, I don’t know why a rat can survive longer without water than a camel. But, I know it’s reality. Of course, this gives me something to learn today. Why can a rat survive longer without water than a camel???

I believe that once we give up on the pursuit of learning, we’re basically throwing in the towel. When we decide we no longer desire to learn new things, we are either quite egotistical (in that we think we know it all) or apathetic (being indifferent to all things).

I hope I never desire to give up the pursuit of gaining new knowledge…even if it’s simply about rats surviving longer than camels without water. It keeps me sharp. It helps me expand my creative capabilities.

What did you learn today?

Chase Charlie

Tomorrow morning, I will get up bright and early to run in the Chase Charlie 5K at Ball State. My motivation? Saving $2 on a game ticket for Saturday’s Ball State football game (you never know, BSU could win tomorrow). You see, it’s $12 to run in the 5K. And, you get a t-shirt and a game ticket. A general admission ticket is $14. So, a little physical torture to save $2.

Later in the morning (11:30am to be exact), Sammie will run in the Kiddie 100, where she will chase Charlie across the football field before the start of what will most likely be another BSU loss (I know, I just said tomorrow could be BSU’s day…but let’s be realistic).

I have a number of goals entering this race…which will be my first competitive race since I did a triathlon right before my freshman year of college (1994). I’m sure it will be a disaster, as I haven’t trained for the event. So, my goals:

1. Run the whole race

2. Finish before the last female walker

3. Don’t collapse due to exhaustion following the race

4. Sprint (or as close to sprinting as I can get) the last 400 yards)

5. Have fun

6. Don’t swear at people passing me

7. Don’t laugh at or mock people that I might pass

8. Celebrate with Arthur Guinness

Go Ball State!

Home…We’re Going Home

This morning, both Emily and Jocelyn’s doctors came to visit and both liked what they found. So, later today we will head home. Oh, what a joy it will be to not have nurses and doctors coming in at all hours of the day and night. Now, we are definitely thankful for those nurses and doctors. But, it will be wonderful to be in our quiet home.

With that, I’ll just remind people that this pacifist pastor will knock you out if you come to visit our daughter and have even the slightest hint of a head cold or cough. I will punch you in the nose, kick you out the door, and lock it. Then I’ll call the police and have you escorted off of my property. I’m not kidding. If this little girl gets sick, I will track down the culprit and deal with you in a very Soprano”s-esque manner. I don’t know if I have made myself clear yet or not. Let me know if you do not understand!

Thanks for all the love, prayer, support, and well wishes we have received throughout this journey. Our family and friends are the best!

Visitation…Or Lack Thereof

This has been an awesome week! At the same time, it has been difficult. We have only been able to share our little bundle of joy with the world via the web. Emily and Jocelyn are limited to two visitors. And, I count as one of the two. That means that grandma’s, grandpa’s, aunts, uncles, cousins, good friend, clergy-types, and random strangers have not been able to stop in and meet Jocelyn Ruby Morris face to face.

We understand and appreciate the heightened security procedures. The last thing we want is for Emily or Jocelyn to contract a nasty flu bug.

The upside has been that we have been able to rest because the only visitors we get are our nurses. The downside has been that the only visitors we get are our nurses. We have had amazing nurses and doctors surrounding us. But, it is always nice to have your friends and family stop by.

The biggest disappointment has been for Samantha. She was so excited to come to the hospital and welcome her new sister into the world. She was looking forward to being a part of all of this. However, the rules say that anyone 14 and under cannot enter the hospital (unless they are seeking care, of course). I had to make a trip to my parent’s house last night for a good night hug. We’ve had several phone calls…ranging from, “Why aren’t you home?” to “Why did you have to have the baby at the hospital?” to “I don’t want to be a big sister.” It’s difficult for a three year old to understand all that’s going on.

But, we’re excited! And, we’re looking forward to going home and introducing Jocelyn to her big sister…and other healthy friends and family (if you come to my house and have a runny nose, I’ll break it). I’m also looking forward to enjoying the beverages that Stewart (my grandfather-in-law) left in my refrigerator!