Do You Snuggie?

This evening, I became a part of the Snuggie Nation! Is it a blanket? Is it a robe? Is it something that I can wear to go out to the mailbox? I’m not sure…but it really is warm! And, the one I received is stylish…sort of a zebra print.

This was all thanks to a roast/man shower at the church. I received a bunch of hilarious gifts to help prepare me for the arrival of our second daughter…latex gloves, masks, air fresheners, diapers, tongs for the diapers, and so on.

And, the Snuggie also came a reading light. And, the person who gave this gift (I’ll allow him to remain anonymous for the time being) also brought a ridiculously large print of a picture of me from my high school marching band days. Hilarious.

But, as I put the Snuggie on and realized how warm and comfortable it is, I began to wonder…are there others out there who openly Snuggie? Is there a special social network for those who use the Snuggie?