Chase Charlie

Tomorrow morning, I will get up bright and early to run in the Chase Charlie 5K at Ball State. My motivation? Saving $2 on a game ticket for Saturday’s Ball State football game (you never know, BSU could win tomorrow). You see, it’s $12 to run in the 5K. And, you get a t-shirt and a game ticket. A general admission ticket is $14. So, a little physical torture to save $2.

Later in the morning (11:30am to be exact), Sammie will run in the Kiddie 100, where she will chase Charlie across the football field before the start of what will most likely be another BSU loss (I know, I just said tomorrow could be BSU’s day…but let’s be realistic).

I have a number of goals entering this race…which will be my first competitive race since I did a triathlon right before my freshman year of college (1994). I’m sure it will be a disaster, as I haven’t trained for the event. So, my goals:

1. Run the whole race

2. Finish before the last female walker

3. Don’t collapse due to exhaustion following the race

4. Sprint (or as close to sprinting as I can get) the last 400 yards)

5. Have fun

6. Don’t swear at people passing me

7. Don’t laugh at or mock people that I might pass

8. Celebrate with Arthur Guinness

Go Ball State!