A Wise Leader

Last night, one of the people I consider to be a wise leader shared some insight that I believe is something we need to hear and be reminded of consistently.

Timm Fair is that wise leader. We were discussing a project involving our Mission House (a food and clothing bank here at the church). There were some reservations concerning the financial commitment needed for various projects.

Timm is our administrator. He has his finger on the pulse of our finances. He is a visionary leader and can identify trends and give us a glimpse of what the future may bring.

Timm addressed the concern, affirming that the financial resources are in place for our projects. But, then he made a few statements that I believe we needed to hear…not just concerning this project…but concerning our church and ministry as a whole.

Timm said, “Right now, we have the opportunity to get this right. Let’s get it right now. We don’t want to look back one year from now and say, ‘Oh, I wish we had done this or that.’ Let’s think long-term. Let’s think about what is the best investment for the long-term. Let’s make decisions that have the best long-term impact.”

“Let’s get it right, now.” That just might be a phrase that we all need to put in a place that we will see on a daily basis. Can you imagine what might happen if we all set out to get it right, now? I believe if we are focused on getting it right…we just might find ourselves bringing about a greater good in this world.

Sometimes getting it right means seeing beyond ourselves. Sometimes getting it right means stepping out in faith. Sometimes getting it right means seeing past the bottom-line.

What do you need to do today in order to get it right?



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