I Can’t Focus…And I Blame You, Ronald McDonald

Today, I went against my better judgment and had a number one value meal at McDonald’s. I feel somewhat justified in this borderline sinful action because I didn’t pay for it…my mother-in-law did. Yet, I consumed it…

However, all I can think about since consuming the meal is the McD.L.T.

I’m sitting here in the office…trying to focus on putting together a message on forgiveness…and I can’t seem to focus.

All I can think about is the “genius” of the McD.L.T. Sure, it’s long gone. But, it still holds a special place in my childhood memory.

To be honest, I totally preferred the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and the Big Mac. But, the McD.L.T.’s packaging totally won me over. There was one side that kept the hot food hot, and the other side kept the cold food cold. Pure American genius right there! And so, totally sold on the glamour of the packaging, I found myself under the spell of the McD.L.T.

Forget Happy Meals, those were child’s play. I wanted to look sophisticated. I wanted to look mature. I wanted a McD.L.T.

Oh, McD.L.T., how I miss you!

And, let’s be honest, the Big n’ Tasty is just a lame attempt to satisfy the McD.L.T. lover’s cravings. But, it totally fails…as it is neither Big or Tasty.

So, here I sit, totally consumed by a sandwich and its packaging…a sandwich I can no longer truly consume…and it’s stealing my focus…and, you, Ronald McDonald should be blamed. I know you put an addictive chemical in your meat and fries that create an unhealthy craving in my entire being to consume more of your food. And, you’ve even found a way to stir up childhood memories through some kind of sensory manipulation. Well done, sir.


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