Going Back to Guatemala


In the very near future, I will be heading to Guatemala with folks from Christ UMC and Our Savior Lutheran Church for a week of missional service with Tom Heaton, Dave Burns, and all the folks at Mission Guatemala

I am excited to return and see firsthand the amazing ministry and progress that has taken place at Mission Guatemala. I was blown away at all that had been done a year ago. I can only imagine what I’ll experience this time around. 

Tom posted today that tomorrow will be the two-year anniversary of Mission Guatemala. Due to the hard work of Tom and Dave, Mission Guatemala has accomplished more in two years than many mission organizations have accomplished in 20 years. 

The hungry are being fed. Shelter is being provided for those without adequate housing. The sick are being healed and cared for. It’s almost like these guys take Jesus seriously!

Mission Guatemala is truly putting the powerful words of John Wesley into practice. Wesley said, Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

Last year, I was moved, humbled, challenged, restored, and renewed during my time in Guatemala. While digging what seemed like a never-ending hole to help provide a home for a family who had lost their home, I realized how I take for granted all that I have.

Also, while in the hole, physically worn out from pick axing, digging, and lifting the dirt out of the hole, I realized something…This is what it’s all about! Jesus didn’t intend for us to simply look on others with compassion and empathy…He intends for us to do what we can! For some, that may mean a monetary donation. For others, it may mean digging a ridiculously deep hole. For others, it may mean dedicating time to prayer. And, the list of ways to help goes on and on. The bottom-line is this…we are all called to do something!

I’m returning to Guatemala in part to help continue the good work of Mission Guatemala. For as long as I am physically able, I deeply desire to return to Guatemala to do what I can to help bring about a greater good for the people of Guatemala. 

 However, and this might be selfish, but I’m eager to return because of the ways in which Tom, Dave, and all those with Mission Guatemala impacted my life. The folks at Mission Guatemala…and all those we came into contact with…left a lasting impression on my heart and mind. 

Now, one doesn’t have to travel to Guatemala for this experience. There are opportunities right outside your door. Heck, for some of you, there are opportunities within the walls of your own home. The important thing is to open our eyes…to be aware…and then to respond by putting into practice those words of John Wesley. 

“Do all the good you can!”


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