When Loving God is Difficult

love your neighborOver the past week, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the “The Greatest Commandment.”

The more time I think about Jesus’ call to “love God” and “love your neighbor as you love yourself”, the more overwhelmed I become.

Why am I overwhelmed? Because I realize that it is difficult to truly follow the great commandment.

I fail to love God and neighbor on a daily basis.

Today, I was deeply convicted by the ways in which I fail to love God and neighbor. You see, I’m convinced that they way we “love our neighbor” is a reflection of our love for God. Therefore, if I fail to love my neighbor, I’m failing to truly love God. So, here are some ways I suck at following God:

– I like to point out how lousy others are at loving God & neighbor. Just read my blog and you’ll see the evidence! In light of others narrow views, I’m quick to point out how open and accepting I am…

– I judge my neighbors based on their education level, style of dress, choice of music, choice of beverages, socio-economic level, parenting style, possessions, their weight, their political leanings, their favorite sport teams, and the list could go on an on…

– I get jealous of my neighbors who have Harley’s and smartphones…and in my jealousy, I begin to judge them all over again…

And, trust me, this is the short list.

For me, loving God isn’t difficult because of the vast array of difficulties, trials, and temptations I’ve faced in life.

Loving God becomes difficult when I understand that loving God isn’t only about me…it’s deeply connected to my love for my neighbor.

So, my quest is to better love my neighbor…starting with the ones right around me and extending to my neighbors all around the world.



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