Boxes, boxes everywhere!

As we have hit crunch time in the final stages of preparation for our move, we are surrounded by boxes! I’ve come to know these boxes well. It’s to the point where I smell like a cardboard box…and let me tell, it’s not a fragrance to bottle and sell as cologne!

The boxes are filled with our “stuff”.

Some of our “stuff” really is just “stuff”.

However, some of the boxes contain more than “stuff”. They contain cherished memories. They contain history. They contain the story of our life together.

Of course, some of the boxes remind me that we have way too much “stuff”.

We’ve used this move as an opportunity to weed through our “stuff”. There have been disagreements about what to keep and what to pass on. But, we’re making progress!

When we arrive in Centerville, we’ll most likely continue to do some weeding.

It will be a great relief when the number of boxes diminishes…unless they become human and start a violent revolution…that would be terrifying!


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