These Are Strange Days…

I had stepped away from blogging for quite some time. The last post on this page was dated in 2018, when I had briefly used this old site as a place to collect thoughts and prayers.

However, I’ve decided to renew my use of the “Tuesdays with Morris” page. Who knows what that will mean?

What I can say is, these are strange days!

In this time of “social distancing”, our “new normal” is far from “normal”!

This week is Holy Week. I can honestly say that this is the most bizarre Holy Week I’ve encountered. Figuring out how to offer meaningful gatherings online has presented a new challenge.

Yet, I welcome this challenge.

You see, I am one who has long believed the Church needs to be challenged to find new ways to present the message. It’s that old adage of finding new methods to present the message.

Consultants have been saying for a long time, “we need to find a new way to be the Church.”

Well, the time is now! We really do not have the option to just “keep doing what we’ve always done.”

Many of my colleagues are venturing into the world of online church for the first time. Some who have already been offering online options have expanded those options. Some of my colleagues are currently offering daily Bible study and prayer times. Some colleagues are trying to offer hip, slick, and high-tech options. Some are just trying to figure out how to use their web cam!

My hope is that these new online offerings will continue once things “get back to normal”. The reality is, I don’t know what “normal” will look like post-Covid.

However, whatever “new” things churches and pastors are offering during this time, don’t let that fall off when we are able to gather in person. We are discovering new ways to “be” and “do” church…and we shouldn’t stop.


One thought on “These Are Strange Days…

  1. Jason, thanks for what you are doing with the St Joe YMCA online presence and your own online presence, restarting this blog site. I look forward to reading and hearing what you have to say. Many blessings to you, Emily, and the girls! -Andy

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