Is T.I. Genuine?

Recently, I saw a preview for a reality show featuring rapper T.I. The idea is that it will follow his daily life…the trials and tribulations of being a star…and to show that he really isn’t the bad guy that all the criminal charges he is facing make him out to be.

Yes, T.I. faces a potential 30 years in prison on various charges.

So, is this television program an attempt to show that he truly is a great guy who simply made a mistake? Or is this a program that will have a number of staged “good deeds” to try an influence those deciding his fate?

I’m not surprised. This deal is with MTV. If you spend anytime watching MTV, they have a tendency to glorify immoral behavior. They help elevate the “thug mentality” of many of today’s youth culture. Don’t think so? Just stop by Delta or Northside middle schools and listen to the students conversations. You would think you were sitting in a room with Lil’ Wayne.

They also seem to glorify drunkenness and sleeping around. Don’t believe me? Just watch 20 minutes of the “Real World” (which is so far removed from any thing near reality) or any other reality show on the network.

They glorify prosperity. Watch “The Hills”, “The City” or reruns of “Laguna Beach” and just seen how they portray wealthy teenagers. It gives many of our young people the idea that they “deserve” way too much.

My hope is that T.I. truly is genuine. I highly doubt it, though. I’m sure this is simply another way to make another dollar. But, maybe in the midst of filming this, he’ll portray some glimpses of goodness that will help today’s youth see that the world isn’t about getting what we deserve and receiving handouts.

I’d love to see MTV put on a show that is all about doing good deeds. Maybe through this kind of program our young people would see that there really is a greater good to be done in this world.

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