Weird Worship

So, I just attended a worship service that was…interesting. The music was led by an African-American man on piano and vocals and a Anglo woman on vocals and attempting to play the djembe.

The vocals screamed 1970’s Maranatha or Gaither Music Group. Very cheesey. Very over-the-top.

One of the most interesting moments was as the final speaker was wrapping up his message. The pianist began playing a chord progression with a certain rhythm that sounded oddly familiar. On the second round, I realized that he was playing the Dave Matthews Band “Crash Into Me.”

I thought to myself, “Well, that’s weird.”

Then, he proceeded to invite the crowd to sing “Sanctuary” on top of this chord progression. It worked in parts. But, overall, the chord progression and the melody did not work well together.

I think he was trying to blend some contemporary elements with this older chorus. It was…”creative?”

I have a few minutes before my next workshop and just had to write about this…

I really never thought that I’d hear “Sanctuary” and the Dave Matthews Band at the same time. How bizarre?

3 thoughts on “Weird Worship

  1. So, I guess the question would be, was it “true worship”?

    The answer would depend on who is answering…

    For me…I was not inspired to worship in spirit and in truth.

    For others…they may have fully connected.

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