It’s Done

Well, my week of That Thing is now over. It has been an incredible experience.

Today, I saw several examples of how the students actually took the message to heart.

A group of girls from Muncie decided to take up a collection for Destiny Rescue, a program they learned about today. They hoped to raise $150 to pay for medical expenses of a girl impregnated in the sex trade. They raised over $500!

A young man impacted by the stories of children dying from hunger took up a collection to help feed people around the globe. He raised over $600. A pastor from a church in northern Indiana indicated that his church would match the collection.

Our students are ready to come back and bring things to our congregation. They want to say, “Look, this is what is going on in our world. Now, let’s get involved and do something about it.” They are ready to let their lights shine.

At the same time, it’s been a difficult day. We had 3 or 4 campers sort of “wander off” without telling their leaders. So, several search and rescue procedures were done…all successful. A girl was injured on the banana boat. A boy broke his ankle playing basketball. One person had a seizure during morning worship and hit his head pretty hard. A girl was having low sodium issues (something she has to watch) and was taken to the hospital. A boy with some pretty severe issues had a seizure this evening and was taken to the hospital. The staff is tired and exhausted. But, they responded extremely well to all the issues that were presented today.

I have had a blast. It’s been an encouraging and challenging week. It will be good to return home, but I’ll miss our time here.

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