I am one that fully believes we all should be continual learners (that’s my terminology for life-long learner…because I think that term is a bit played out).

So, I like to end each day with this question:

“What did I learn today?”

For example, yesterday I learned that a rat can last longer without water than a camel! Fascinating stuff! Some may find this bit of information useless…I’m sure I could find a way to work it into a sermon…therefore making it useful.

Now, I don’t know why a rat can survive longer without water than a camel. But, I know it’s reality. Of course, this gives me something to learn today. Why can a rat survive longer without water than a camel???

I believe that once we give up on the pursuit of learning, we’re basically throwing in the towel. When we decide we no longer desire to learn new things, we are either quite egotistical (in that we think we know it all) or apathetic (being indifferent to all things).

I hope I never desire to give up the pursuit of gaining new knowledge…even if it’s simply about rats surviving longer than camels without water. It keeps me sharp. It helps me expand my creative capabilities.

What did you learn today?

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