8 or 9 days

The day of our new daughter’s arrival is drawing closer. October 12th is quickly approaching. We are excited, anxious, hopeful, nervous, joy-filled, and all of the various feelings and emotions that come with bringing a new life into the world. This pregnancy has been a bit more difficult for Emily. The journey has been more eventful than our first. However, Samantha’s delivery was pretty nerve-racking. We’re praying that all will go well with number two!

The past few weeks, we have been trying to spend special time with Samantha…these are the last days of our family being three humans and one cat. We have had some pretty awesome moments with Sammie. These are some “precious moments” for our current family structure. We’re doing some small things to help Sammie feel special.

Today, we took her to the ridiculously disappointing Ball State homecoming football game. However, she had a blast. This was her first football game…and she loved it. She cheered. She danced. She ate hot dogs, pretzels, and a rice krispie treat from a not-so-random tailgating crew (thanks Cooper family! Sammie devoured the thing when we got into the stadium). When we decided to leave (for some reason, the pregnant lady was not comfortable), Sammie was greatly disappointed…not to the point where she threw a fit…but she just kept saying, “I don’t want to go.” Sammie and I will probably hit one of the next home games.

For those of you who are of the praying-kind, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for Emily and the baby. If you’re not the praying-kind, and in all seriousness, your positive thoughts and energy are greatly appreciated. The next 8-9 days are going to be pretty crazy. Not only are we getting things ready at the house, Emily is wrapping things up at school (she will be staying home through the end of the school year…and potentially beyond). I have a week full of meetings, Bible studies, roasts, rehearsals, and a couple of days in Delaware, OH for a class. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of our new daughter (we do have a first name…no middle name…I’ll reveal the name soon).

One thought on “8 or 9 days

  1. We of course will be praying. I know this one has been difficult for Emmie so hopefully the birth and the health of the baby will be easy and great!!! Can’t wait to meet the new little one!

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