You Can’t Be Serious!?!?

Last night, I read an “article” claiming that “if a person votes for a democrat (the promoters and supporters of sin) and were to die without repenting of that, he or she is going to hell.” 

My first reaction was, “You can’t be serious. This must be one of those Christian satire sites. You know, like the Wittenburg Door, Lark News,  or something like that.” 

However, as I explored the site, I found that it was all too real. To be honest, that scares the crap out of me. 

The author explains that he is attempting to get this “important message” to “blacks and hispanics who think they are Christians and who don’t want to offend God but who vote lock step for democrats.”

He goes on to use a couple of verses to prove his point…that “the Bible says if you vote for a democrat and were to die thereafter you would go to hell.” 

I love “pick and choose” Christian authors. They find a verse of Scripture that loosely supports their claims and twist it to justify their judgment of others. It’s the ultimate example of taking something out of context to say something that it really doesn’t say. 

The author labels democrats as the “promoters and supporters of sin.” Wow! 

You know, this article might actually impact the way I vote. I mean, if all one has to do in order to avoid hell is to vote Republican, well then you can maybe, just maybe count me in. 

It’s also good to know that, if I simply vote Republican, I won’t be one of those who possesses the attributes of “sinful” things as “homosexuality, lesbianism, strife, deceit, slander [political sound bites], gossips, idol worshippers, God-haters, atheists – all primarily attributes of liberals.” Certainly these are only attributes of liberals and no conservatives have ever struggled with any of the issues above. 

The author is right on one thing. He states, “many who think they are Christian aren’t going to Heaven.” I couldn’t agree more.

So, what if he’s wrong about this voting thing? What if heaven is filled with murderers, prostitutes, homosexuals, gossips, and liberals? What if Jesus really meant it when he said that those who will “inherit the Kingdom” are those who fed the hungry, gave a drink to the thirsty, clothed the naked, showed hospitality to strangers, cared for the sick, visited those  in prision, those who sought after Him, those who were considered “the least”, those who “hunger and thirst for justice”, those who show mercy, and work for peace? What if Jesus really doesn’t care about which political party we align ourselves with? 

Let’s be honest…the whole “Republican vs. Democrat” and “liberal vs. conservative” thing misses the point entirely. Can you imagine a world where we put down what seperates us and cling to that which unites? Can you imagine a world where we put aside our political differences, our religious differences, our socio-economic differences, and simply worked together for the greater good? 


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